How to Protect IP from DDoS?

IP is Internet Protocol which is rules for computers to must be complied with in order to make computer with connectivity to “communicate”.  In layman terms, IP is the bridge for users and host, but hackers like to maliciously create traffic jam to stop legitimate users to visit your host or search for flaws of bridge to ruin host. Every host would have unique IP to communicate with outsides, but for the increasing complexity of hackers, some company provides proxy host to prevent unique home IP with DDoS protection, bandwidth traffic filtering and packet analyzing from malicious hackers.

One of the fatal attacks is DDoS, DDoS is standing for Distributed Denial of Service. The target of DDoS is to deny the normal and legal requests from users and mask as “legitimate” users to waste all the useful resource of host. In the increasing number of websites have been built via host, once the host is attacked and being shut down, all of the efforts of building and mastering websites would be in vain. What’s worse, the reputation will lose too. What a sad and infuriating thing!

There is no doubts that websites developer or master should do remember to make back-up of files and also pay severe attention to protect IP with various attacks defend solutions so as to protect host, such as DDoS mitigation, set up firewall, master bandwidth traffic etc.

Making back-up of files is prone to restore websites and remove the files to other IP address for ongoing operation. Especially to prevent DDoS attacks, as DDoS attacks will totally bog down your host with fatal attacks.

Except to prepare the back-up, use proxy server can directly mask your home host IP so that to stop DDoS attacks to hit your home server directly. And while you choose proxy server provider, please make sure the protected server has DDoS protection to anti DDoS common flood, reflection attacks, SSL attacks and other types of attacks. What’s more, the expertise team to prepare on-hand countermeasures to defend any potential types of DDoS attacks is also a factor to consider.


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