$21.00 /mo.

Cloud Server

  • VMWare, DELL Powered Cloud
  • Fast and Reliable RAID10 Storage
  • Tier1 Redundant Network
  • Affordable, Fast Delivery
  • DDoS Protected 24/7
$140 /mo.

Dedicated Server

  • Supermicro/DELL Server
  • IPMI Remote Management
  • Tier1 Redundant Network
  • Fast Remote Hand Support
  • DDoS Protected 24/7
$999 /mo.

DDoS Protection

  • Up to 120Gbps Protection
  • TCP/UDP/TCMP Flood
  • Reflection Attacks
  • Laver7 Attacks
  • Always On

Our Guarantee With Protected Server

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Always-on
  • 7 Days Moneback Guarantee
  • Free Online

Remote DDos Protection

Easy to install and no need to change hosting location, You can host your server from one provider and get the network protection from us.

We protect your website or infrastructre against all types of DDoS.

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Why choose ClearDDoS?

The Most Advanced Mitigation System
ClearDDoS has a dedicated DDoS mitigation network that can protect your website or infrastructure against all types of DDoS attacks, Such as UDP/TCP flooding, botnet, amplification…

The Best Flexibility DDoS Protection Service
ClearDDoS offers a range of DDoS protection service option to meet the needs of any business.

Our Guarantee with Protection Server
99.99% Uptime Guarantee, 24X7 Dedicated Guarantee, 7 days Moneyback Guarantee, Live Attack Report